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About melebi

The syriac founders of melebi made it their task to make the search for the right partner for the Syriac People (Suryoye) easier.

What is melebi's philosophy?

  • Political neutrality: melebi doesn't differ between Arameans, Assyrians or Chaldeans
  • Help and support in searching for the right life partner
  • Encouragement of solidarity among Syriac-Orthodox Christians
  • Prevention of the scattering of the Syriac People
  • Promotion of the Aramean language

We all know the situation we Suryoye face. After emigrating from our home, the majority of us settled in Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia etc. We have found new homes in these countries.

Most young Suryoye (2nd generation) were born or at least raised here. Although we have assimilated and adapted to these countries to a certain degree, the syriac and Orthodox Christian traits are still dormant within us. We have a Mediterranean mentality of which we are all aware. The majority of us thus still prefer an syriac partner.

For many of us, choosing a partner is not easy because we Syriac People are so widely scattered. That means that some of us live in an syriac community. Others again live far away from syriac communities and therefore do not have the opportunity to meet other Arameans or Assyrians etc. It gets even more difficult if you are searching for the right partner to spend your life with. The reason for those difficulties is that the selection of Suryoye (syriac) singles in your own place of residence or community is often very small.

melebi has finally found a solution for this difficult problem. Searching for the right partner with melebi will not be difficult at all.

Just give it a try. You can sign up for free here now.

Your happiness is just a few clicks away.